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January 4, 2023


One of the main advantages of Reg A+ is that it allows companies to raise up to $75 million in a 12-month period. In addition, Reg A+ offerings are not subject to the same strict disclosure requirements as IPOs, which can make the process of going public more streamlined and less costly for companies.

Since the introduction of Reg A+ in 2015, there have been several successful offerings. According to data from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), as of December 31, 2022, there have been a total of 513 Reg A+ qualified offerings, which means that they were approved for sale to the public and were able to raise capital. Most Reg A+ filings were qualified in the first and third quarters of 2022 with 137 and 142 qualified offerings, respectively. The timing of a Regulation A+ filing may be influenced by various factors, such as market conditions, the company's financial performance, and the availability of alternative sources of capital. However, there is no predetermined cycle or schedule for Regulation A+ filings.

Overall, Reg A+ has proven to be a popular and successful way for small and medium-sized companies to raise capital. Companies can choose to file a Regulation A+ offering at any time, depending on their capital-raising needs. The process of going public can be complex and costly, Reg A+ allows companies to tap into a wider pool of investors and raise significant amounts of capital without the need for a traditional IPO.

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REG A+ Offerings Available

RadarUSA is a collaborative security platform, that connects citizens, police, and public institutions in a virtual community powered by artificial intelligence and connected by Wi-Fi 6. Citizens are connected using Wi-Fi to their virtual community and can communicate through their mobile device and existing infrastructure to collaborate and reduce crime.

The platform generates and analyzes data using facial and object recognition and can alert the police of all types of suspicious activity, from people and vehicles to potential weapons drawn with intent to harm. Using machine learning, video footage can be analyzed to detect potential threats and instantaneously provide alerts to local security personnel to report and prevent crime.

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Brouse is recognized for its sophisticated securities law practice, representing public and private companies, placement agents, underwriters and issuers and private equity funds in private equity investments. Members of the firm’s securities practice assist clients with public and private offerings of securities, regulatory compliance and reporting and proxy solicitations before the Securities and Exchange Commission as well as state securities regulators. Molly is Of Counsel in Brouse McDowell’s Business Transactions & Corporate Counseling Practice Group. Her practice focuses on public and private securities offerings, mergers and acquisitions, corporate governance, and compliance matters. Molly brings significant experience and knowledge in leading Reg A+ securities transactions to successful completion.

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Can I Raise More Than $75 million in a year using Reg A+?

Is there a legitimate way to raise more than the $75 million cap with Regulation A+?

Yes, in some circumstances. For businesses that lend themselves to segmenting their market, it may be possible to make multiple offerings by following a similar model to the one that Fundrise has used. Each Reg A+ entity is a standalone business and shares one management service provider. In this way, Fundrise has conducted multiple Reg A+ offerings simultaneously since 2016. So far, this model has only been Qualified by the SEC in Real Estate situations, but the SEC may allow the same approach in other business areas. We don't know yet.

In theory, it makes sense that using a separate management entity this approach could be applied to businesses in other fields than real estate. Time will tell.

Can I Raise Capital for a Private Equity Fund using Reg A+?

No. A PE Fund or Private Equity Fund is not allowed to raise capital using Regulation A+.

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Entoro Securities is a FINRA-registered Broker-Dealer in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, and the District of Columbia. The top choice for a Reg A+ broker-dealer and will answer all your questions.  We support Issuers through the entire Reg A+ process from pre-filing preparation, to SEC review, marketing selection, and completion of the offering. Call Entoro today and let our team show you how to Reg A+ the right way.


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