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Take Control of your Future with a Self-Directed Retirement Account

Self-Directed Retirement Account

A self-directed retirement account, such as an IRA, allows you to invest in alternative assets while taking advantage of the tax benefits of a retirement plan.

Why consider a self-directed retirement account?
  • It’s easier than you may think.
    Provident Trust Group makes self-directing simple. The Provident team can help you every step of the way.
  • More opportunity with tax advantages.
    You can potentially avoid capital gains taxes and defer tax exposure on investments made from your retirement account.
  • You’re in control.
    You make all the buying and selling decisions.
  • More investment options.
    You can now diversify your retirement portfolio with alternative assets.

Provident Trust Group makes it easy to get started – whether you have an advisor or not.

  • Open an account at Provident Trust Group.
  • Fund your account with a rollover, transfer or contribution.
  • Choose the alternative assets that fit with your retirement goals.

About Provident Trust Group
Named the Best IRA Custodian by Wealth Advisor for five consecutive years, Provident Trust Group is an industry-leading IRA custodian that provides investors with access to an array of alternative investments. Serving over 33,000 clients nationwide, investors can rely upon Provident for its exceptional technology, service, and client-focused support and education.

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