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Entoro NeoBanq

Entoro NeoBanq is Entoro's carbon credit and related environmental marketing and trading entity. Entoro NeoBanq makes it simple for individuals and businesses to manage climate change and ESG efforts to accomplish sustainability objectives or requirements. Entoro NeoBanq provides financial services to the environmental and green energy markets and can serve as a strategic partner assisting both domestic and foreign clients by connecting them with high-quality emissions reduction initiatives, offering transaction services, providing climate education, and building creative solutions that ensure effective climate action.

Our diverse carbon and emissions initiatives help you achieve your company's climate goals while also providing a number of co-benefits that are important to you. Entoro NeoBanq has developed a network of partnerships within the carbon market enabling us to provide the expertise and guidance needed to help.


  •       Develop project documentation
  •       Provide policy consulting
  •       Price discovery and conduct market assessments

Carbon Emission Trading

Match buyers and sellers of environmental credits (marketing and/or trading)

Forward Sales

Arrange for forward sales which provide revenues that can be used to finance projects

Transparent Transactions

Clear transactions to minimize performance and delivery risk

Sustainable Development

Assist in corporate sustainability strategy development

Feasibility Assessments

Screen projects and conduct feasibility assessments

Tech Advisory & Expertise

Provide technology advice with partner relationships

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