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The Digital Asset Handbook

Clear Rating, its affiliates, and co-authors ranging from leading financers, attorneys, regulators, and analyst came together for one simple purpose, provide “The Digital Asset Handbook – Clear Rating Practitioner’s Manual” to help investors adapt, overcome, and conquer this change.


Trusted Investment Insight, Expertise, and Execution

Entoro provides advice and services to a wide range of established and growth-oriented businesses around the world. We offer deep sector expertise across a full range of services in investment banking, equities and fixed income in the Americas, Europe, South America, the Middle East and Asia.


Global Offices

Houston    Miami    Amsterdam    London    Zurich    Dubai    Singapore    Hong Kong    Tokyo    San Salvador



$14 B

completed transactions in projects
A centralized digital platform of Investment Opportunities spanning a variety of sectors and interests that have undergone an extensive due diligence process.

Secure. Efficient. Transparent.

Utilize the capabilities of OfferBoard to find the best vetted deals for you

One Solution Platform

Our proprietary, technology-based investment platform, OfferBoard, optimizes the private placement process by consolidating it in one centralized, secure and user-friendly space


Our expert investment banking analysts assist Investors through an informed and consultative process regarding available offers on our platform, tailored to provide a seamless investing experience

Digitally Enabled

OfferBoard is an exclusive and innovative digital investment platform where viewing deals and going through the investment process is streamlined to be more accessible, efficient and transparent for Investors

Exclusive Offers

OfferBoard is essentially a digital hub for exclusive investments that span across all sectors from real estate to fintech, giving investors multiple investment opportunities to choose from

Due Diligence

All offers on OfferBoard undergo a thorough due diligence process led by industry experts, allowing Investors to view details and investment criteria


With our centralized offering platform, OfferBoard, viewing and investing in deals has never been easier, giving accredited investors and growth-oriented businesses a streamlined and accessible experience to an array of vetted deals

Connect to Exclusive Offers

All of our offers go through a rigorous due diligence process before being placed on OfferBoard® accredited and qualified Investors

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Featured News

Entoro Capital Announces the First NFT Security Offering
  • Entoro Capital, LLC (Entoro), a leading investment bank for alternative investments and assets, in conjunction with Valhil Capital, LLC (Valhil), the underwriter, announce the first non-fungible tokens (NFT) issued as a security under the Reg. D 506(c) offering exemption. The offer to Accredited Investors will conclude on Friday, October 8, 2021, in Austin Texas at the Texas Blockchain Summit VIP dinner.
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Entoro leverages technology and strategic financial advisory to provide our clients with a connected and diversified investing process

  • Integrated securities sale and distribution
    Integrated digital financial offerings and risk management
    Integration of digital products and placement services
    Created the “First Digital RIA™”
    First JV with a crypto hedge fund for SMA exposure to RIAs
    New private funds based on staking
  • Vertical Expertise

    Technology, Real estate, Life sciences, Energy & Manufacturing
  • Private Placement & Securities

    Reg A+, Reg D & Reg CF
  • Digital

    Digital asset structuring, tokenization & cryptocurrency

Entoro has expertise in private security offerings Reg D, Reg A+, Reg CF, digital/crypto-asset offerings, trading and market making, and valuation services


Entoro Capital

Investment Bank offering a full suite of advisory services for primary offerings requiring structuring advice, private placements, M&A, and A&D

Entoro Technologies

OfferBoard®, Digital Vault (devi/altcoin staking), Private Securities Offering Platform, Open alts tech

Clear Rating

Third party affiliated entity that provides valuation reports, ESG reviews, and digital security ratings

Entoro Investments

Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) that provides investment advisory and asset manager for a portfolio of professionally managed investment strategies

Entoro Markets

Financial platform with a focus on six business verticals: trading, derivatives, custody, treasury services, asset management, investment banking, and advisory

Entoro Securities

FINRA/SEC licensed Broker-Dealer offering placement agent services for traditional and digital securities, fund formation transactions, and direct deal placements

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