Entoro Optimizes the Investment Banking Process

Entoro Capital is a global investment bank that elevates traditional banking services with the efficiency of modern technology.

Why Clients Choose Us

We are seamlessly connected, digitally enabled, and backed with years of experience

The Entoro team combines technology with global strategic advisory, capital formation expertise, and in-depth industry knowledge to support our clients and accredited Investors through the investing process.

Our single, secure digital platform OfferBoard®, efficiently connects Accredited Investors to vetted investment opportunities.

Entoro is focused on distribution of securities and financial products. We make it a priority to connect and know family offices throughout Texas, the United States and globally. Our distribution reach extends to Endowments, Foundations, Institutions, Hedge Funds, Private Equity, and Sovereign Wealth funds and other similar large pools of capital that look for quality investment opportunities.



What Entoro Does For You

Regulation A

We support Issuers through the entire Reg A process from pre-filing preparation to SEC review and through marketing and completion of the offering

Blockchain Ecosystem Advisory and Digital Financial Instruments Strategies

Digital investment banking and advisory services leveraging the blockchain ecosystem to implement Digital Financial Instrument offerings

OfferBoard Investment Portal

Single, secure, digital platform that efficiently connects Accredited Investors to vetted investment opportunities

Customized traditional and digital security solutions tailored to individual Issuers during the capital raise process

Capital Formation

Placement Agent for traditional and digital fund formation transactions and direct deal placements

Acquisitions & Divestitures (A&D)

Strategic advice and project management to clients through every stage of the A&D process, ensuring transactions move forward to completion in a timely manner

Merger and Acquisition Advisory

Partner with clients in evaluating some of their most strategic and complex decisions

James C. Row
Managing Partner, ENTORO

View the complete Regulation A ten-part video series! In the series, Chris Graebe discusses the impact that Entoro can have on the outcome of your Reg A campaign.

View the Regulation A Video Series

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