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Entoro Eco Advisors is a premier consulting firm dedicated to assisting carbon credit project developers in navigating the complex process of project validation, verification, and initiation. We leverage our deep understanding of the carbon credit industry and regulatory landscape to provide tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of each client.

In the complex world of carbon credits, project developers often face critical questions. Are you capturing all the credits your project is eligible for? Could you be at risk of violating regulatory compliance? Are you spending more money and time than necessary? Are your credits valued as much as they could be?

At Entoro Eco Advisors, we help you answer these questions and turn potential challenges into opportunities. Choosing to work with us means choosing a partner who understands your concerns and knows how to address them effectively. With Entoro Eco Advisors, you can confidently navigate the carbon credit landscape, knowing that you're maximizing value, minimizing risk, and making the most of your investment.

Efficient Approach


A significant challenge in the carbon credit industry is the protracted administrative process. Procedures with Gold Standard and Verra can extend over three months, and the validation process often takes well over a year, leading to delayed project implementation and increased costs.

Streamlined Process

By leveraging our deep industry knowledge, efficient methodologies, and extensive network, we guarantee a streamlined process completed within one month.

Industry Connections

Our industry connections enable us to expedite administrative procedures and facilitate smoother project implementation. 

Our Commitment

Our commitment to efficiency sets us apart in the industry, providing our clients with a significant competitive advantage


The carbon credit industry is complex and constantly evolving, with stringent regulatory requirements and high stakes. Project developers often struggle with the intricacies of project validation, verification, and management, which can lead to delays, increased costs, and missed opportunities.


Entoro Eco Advisors addresses this challenge by offering expert guidance and support throughout the project lifecycle. Our consultants leverage their extensive industry knowledge to navigate regulatory challenges, optimize project design, and ensure successful project implementation.

Risk Management

In the carbon credit industry, managing risk is as crucial as managing time.

Our team at Entoro Eco Advisors excels in identifying potential pitfalls and implementing robust mitigation strategies.

We ensure regulatory compliance, significantly reducing the risk of costly and time-consuming complications.

Our clients can focus on their core business, secure in the knowledge that their carbon credit projects are managed by experts.

World-Class Methodology Database and Library of Accredited Verification Bodies

Our unique approach amplifies efficiency and provides our clients with a distinct competitive advantage in the carbon credit landscape.

Entoro Eco Advisors boasts the world's most extensive methodology library for carbon credit projects. We utilize this unparalleled resource to match each project with the optimal methodology, bypassing the need for clients to undertake costly and time-consuming development.

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Our Expert Team

At Entoro Eco Advisors, our strength lies in our experienced team of subject matter experts. We bring together professionals with deep expertise in the carbon credit industry, spanning engineering and design, capital markets, and compliance. Our experts leverage advanced tools to enhance efficiency and validate the environmental impact of projects. Our goal is to simplify carbon credits, drive growth, and ensure compliance.

John Terrill
MD, Business Development
• 15+ year experience retail advisory, corporate finance, M&A, A&D, insurance structuring, government contracts
• Former exec roles at Third Seven Capital Advisors, Global Smart Commodity Group
• Raised more than $400mm in new projects and buyouts focused primarily on energy, A&D and healthcare. Managed active portfolio in excess of $200mm AUM
• BA in International Finance from Oklahoma City University; MBA in International Business from Oklahoma City University
• FINRA 7 and 66 (previously held) 
Pedro Blanco
MD, Business Development
• 20+ year experience in engineering, corporate finance, petrochemicals, energy markets, M&A, A&D, LBO’s, JV’s and recapitalizations
• International operations for Schlumberger, Thomas De la Rue and Oil Majors
• Led international acquisitional growth and managed portfolio of projects in excess of $4B covering M&A, capital raises, and debt restructuring transactions
• BS in Geophysics, Engineering from Universidad Simón Bolívar; MBA in Corporate Finance from University of Michigan (Ross)
• FINRA 7, 63 and 65

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