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The Entoro Group is a boutique investment banking group, dedicated to creating the premier alternative investment ecosystem globally. We consist of an investment bank, US broker-dealer, transfer agent, registered investment advisor, commodity pool operator, valuation services, proprietary funds, and an environmental asset authenticator, registry, and exchange. We focus on raising capital or creating products that are unique and available to an international clientele of family offices, foundations, endowments, and institutional and direct investors.

Career opportunities

Technology, Business Development, and Sales – Associate – Houston

Roles and Responsibilities: ·  
· Create revenue opportunities by mastering both Capturiant and OfferBoard technologies and platforms
· Junior portfolio manager of carbon credits for GreenShield Offsets programs
· Liaise with external development team(s) to ensure continued improvements to the Capturiant platform and associated technologies.
· Review the technical and scientific documentation of carbon credit projects and provide feedback to the Head of Business Development and other senior team members.
· Make outbound sales calls to potential clients, in-person meetings, and emails

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Business Development/Investment Banking – Associate - Houston

Roles and Responsibilities: ·  
· Identify, contact, and develop relationships to drive and expand business opportunities.
· Create and execute on revenue opportunities.
· Lead origination efforts for The Entoro Group of entities.
· Assist in the preparation and execution of transactions.
· Outbound sales calls, personal meetings, and email communication.
· Support senior bankers in managing client relationships.

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