Entoro Eco-Merchants

Entoro Eco-Merchants is a vehicle for brokerage and sales trading of environmental assets leveraging proprietary market knowledge developed through our sister company Capturiant.

Business Thesis

Scrutiny of ESG claims

As scrutiny of ESG claims increases, companies' carbon offsetting commitments may be seen as binding, and companies will take greater care in engaging in environmental asset transactions.

ESG commitments

At the same time, pressure on companies to adhere to and adopt ESG commitments has continued.

Brokerage and sales

Entoro Eco-Merchants is positioned to take advantage of increased scrutiny and uncertainty by identifying key environmental asset sellers and buyers and connecting supply and demand through strategic brokerage and sales.

Solutions for Carbon Offset Buyers

Carbon markets are a Wild West with little clarity as to how to identify and safely purchase legitimate carbon offsets.

Our clients benefit from the Entoro Eco-Merchants team's extensive securities and commodities background and access to a range of carbon offset sources through its sister company, Capturiant.

Solutions for Project Developers

Project Developers should be focused on ensuring the success of their projects, not sales and marketing of their offsets. Entoro Eco-Merchants does the heavy lifting to ensure offsets are sold quickly and at a fair price.

Entoro Eco-Merchants' broad connections with a variety of offset-seeking companies, and access to sister company Capturiant's platform, makes finding buyers quick and easy.

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Management Team

James C. Row, CFA
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
• 30+ years capital raising and deal structuring in energy markets, international finance, technology start-ups
• Chairman and Founder of Entoro Capital, Clear Rating, Producers Energy and 1transfer
• Arranged funding and placement in excess of $10B at World Bank and International Finance Corporation
• BA in Finance from University of Wyoming; MBA in Finance from Arizona State University; CAS in International Finance from ASU (Thunderbird)
• FINRA 7, 14, 24, 28, 63, 79 and 99
John Terrill
MD, Business Development
• 15+ year experience retail advisory, corporate finance, M&A, A&D, insurance structuring, government contracts
• Former exec roles at Third Seven Capital Advisors, Global Smart Commodity Group
• Raised more than $400mm in new projects and buyouts focused primarily on energy, A&D and healthcare. Managed active portfolio in excess of $200mm AUM
• BA in International Finance from Oklahoma City University; MBA in International Business from Oklahoma City University
• FINRA 7 and 66 (previously held) 
Pedro Blanco
MD, Business Development
• 20+ year experience in engineering, corporate finance, petrochemicals, energy markets, M&A, A&D, LBO’s, JV’s and recapitalizations
• International operations for Schlumberger, Thomas De la Rue and Oil Majors
• Led international acquisitional growth and managed portfolio of projects in excess of $4B covering M&A, capital raises, and debt restructuring transactions
• BS in Geophysics, Engineering from Universidad Simón Bolívar; MBA in Corporate Finance from University of Michigan (Ross)
• FINRA 7, 63 and 65

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