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Entoro’s A & D Advisory Service

Entoro Capital offers a low cost, performance based energy asset sales platform for the sale of upstream assets and minerals. The new service, Entoro’s A & D Advisory Service, will broker energy assets through a global distribution network on Entoro’s proprietary securities platform, OfferBoard. Entoro’s A & D Advisory Service will offer three levels of service with a focus towards negotiated-by-seller transactions for the lowest cost to sellers. The break-down of services can be viewed in the table below.

The primary targets for Entoro’s A & D Advisory Service are energy projects between $10-$100 million and minerals transactions above $100,000. Depending on the level of service, sellers can select from self-directed to full service.

Entoro’s distribution channels expand past the traditional energy buyers into new institutions, Family Offices, and RIAs around the world. 

  •       Lower cost
  •       Superior distribution
  •       Enhanced speed
  •       Better terms
  •       New valuation software
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Entoro Service Comparison

Entoro Service Comparison

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