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Único Funds Group

Único Funds™️ Group provides investment advisory and consulting services to Alternative Asset Investors, and placement, distribution, and advisory services to Fund Managers around the world. As a firm client, you are supported by a team of bankers with hands-on industry experience as former fund managers, family office advisors, prime brokers/credit providers, in-house marketers, private equity investors, and boutique fund marketing consultants.

At Único Funds, we are building a unique, sustainable community of collaborative investments based on true alignment of long-term risk and reward among all parties.

Under our Único Fund Manager program – fund managers gain access to expanded investor reach and scale, streamlined distribution, and additional value-added services, all under an efficient, performance-based fee structure that minimizes upfront risk while preserving your business flexibility.

As an Único Fund Investor – you are invited to participate in a group of like-minded investors building long-term strategies for investment success while maintaining independent decision making. In addition to gaining access to differentiated, unique, and highly talented managers, you will achieve ongoing exchange of ideas, perspectives, and opportunities through Entoro sponsored webinars and events, as supported by our alliance with Family Office Networks (FON). There are no recurring fees to investors; we only ask for a commitment to ongoing participation.

At Entoro, we invest in technology, business, and compliance efficiencies to bring forward reduced marketing and distribution costs and enhanced flexibility to investment managers and investors alike – unlike any program in the industry.  We look forward to working with you.

  •       Experienced banking team
  •       Rapid implementation
  •       Superior distribution
  •       Regulatory compliance

Único Funds Manager Program

Entoro Capital is offering niche, high-quality fund managers preferred access to our Único Fund
Manager marketing program designed to accelerate your investor reach, client growth and AUM
while preserving your business flexibility.

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