Altavian Investor Webinar: Learn how you can support our National Security by Investing in a US Drone manufacturer

June 30, 2020

Join us on a $1.3 billion USD opportunity for a new wave of spending in drones and robotics. Last year congress passed the first of several bills banning the use of foreign drones, starting with the Department of Defense. Coupled with advances in technology, the DoD has re-initiated its program for unmanned vehicle contracting for the first time in nearly ten years. Current opportunities for UAS in the Defense market alone total to over $1.3 billion USD.

Discussion Points:
• China has over an 80% share of the US market for drones. Washington is out to fix that problem.
• See how foreign-made drones are a threat to national security and why all four branches of the military have banned their procurement.
• The Trump administration has new executive orders, and congress has drafted further legislation, extending the ban to all federal agencies and federal dollars used by state and local agencies.
• In January, the Department of the Interior issued an order grounding its fleet of close to 800 foreign-made drones, except for in emergencies, amid concerns that any data collected would be “valuable” to US adversaries.
• Altavian is one of a few companies positioned to take advantage of this new legislation
   - Altavian is the only small business to have developed a full family of systems (Quadcopters, Fixed-wing, and Control systems) with a patent-protected IP portfolio of advanced AI features.
    - Altavian has an Excellent contracting history with the Armed Forces and has visibility into future contracts.
    - Altavian is a US company that manufactures its drones on US soil with All American parts.
• Join the Webinar on June 30th to learn how you can help the US gain independence from foreign-made drones.