Blockchain-powered Payments Platform LODE Payments International Partners with Global Investment Bank Entoro Capital to Conduct REG d 506c

Press Release
May 6, 2021

HOUSTON, May 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Investment bank Entoro Capital, LLC today announces a partnership with global payments platform LODE Payments International (LPI) to raise $10 million from Accredited Investors under the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Reg D 506c offering.

LPI is offering a 9% per annum bond with quarterly payments on a 5-year term (non-renewable). The bond is redeemable once per quarter, up to 5% of the principal and interest of the bond, at the demand of the Bondholder. The bond is subordinated debt with no existing senior debt
With payment giants attracting millions of annual active users, Entoro is always looking to provide Investors with new opportunities to tap into blockchain technology as it grows further in the financial industry.

"This bond offering provides Investors with a smart way into investing in fintech and blockchain as LPI is primed to become the Paypal of stable assets," noted James Row, Managing Partner of Entoro Capital. "Through its proprietary wallet application, LPI is enabling users to access, send, and spend stable digital assets globally and we are excited to be a part of advancing their mission."

"We want to provide people with a payment system that works for them, allowing them to access stable assets that help them preserve wealth over time," noted Nicholas Prouten, COO of LPI. "With the LODEpay Wallet, users can seamlessly manage their digital assets and fiat as they experience faster transaction speeds, lower fees, and massive growth opportunities globally. We're excited to partner with Entoro to get more people on board with restoring stability to our economic system."

About Entoro
Entoro Capital is an investment bank and advisory group for traditional and digital securities. Entoro offers a range of comprehensive placement and capital raising solutions for businesses interested in reaching family offices for funding. Entoro uses its proprietary online private securities syndication platform OfferBoard® for accredited investors to analyze and review projects and opportunities. The team's strength is in bringing highly vetted projects to Investors globally, with maximum efficiency, end-to-end security, and seamless execution, delivering total confidence in each investment. Issuers and Investors are provided access, flexibility, and transparency throughout the investment process. Securities are offered through Entoro Securities, LLC, member FINRA/SIPC.
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About LODE Payments International
LODE Payment International LLC (LPI) is a global payments platform aimed at building a new, compliant, and fully-regulated system that empowers everyone to experience financial freedom. By utilizing blockchain technology, LPI powers the usage of digital silver and gold, among other stable digital assets. LPI enables users to send, receive, and store stable assets while facilitating cross-border payments and secure transactions. LPI is building a fully-integrated, global gateway that connects merchants, card issuers, payment gateways, processors, telcos, and banks to its platform.
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