Broker-Dealers Leading the STO Market

January 4, 2019

Op-Ed: Broker-Dealers Leading the STO Market

By Tatiana Koffman and Henry Elder published on Distributed

As we move out of the era of ICOs and into a new era of digital securities, sometimes referred to as “Security Token Offerings (STOs),” issuance platforms and other technical solutions for tokenization tend to receive the most attention. A successful and compliant fundraise, however, depends upon a number of regulated service providers, one of the most important of which is an experienced broker-dealer (BD).

After soliciting feedback from 50-plus industry players, we’ve compiled below some of the current movers and shakers in the space.


Based in Houston, Texas, under the leadership of James Row, Entoro has established itself as a leader in the digital securities space, most recently leading the and Soluna Power STOs. Although Entoro has a team working across industries, its core experience lies in the energy sector, in the Texan homeland of oil and gas. Entoro is working toward offering a vertically integrated BD service complete with a technical solutions and an ATS.

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