DigiMax Capital Enters Collaboration Agreement with Entoro Capital

Press Release
July 16, 2019

DIGIMAX GLOBAL SOLUTIONS (CSE:DIGI) (the "Company" or "DigiMax") is pleased to announce that its wholly-owned subsidiary, DIGIMAX CAPITAL CORP. (“DigiMax Capital”) has entered into a Broker-Dealer Collaboration Agreement with Entoro Capital.

Based in Houston, Texas, under the leadership of James C. Row, Entoro has established itself as a leader in the digital financial instruments (DFI) space. Although Entoro has a team working across many industries, its core experience lies in the energy sector, in the Texan homeland of oil and gas. Entoro is working toward offering a vertically integrated broker-dealer service complete with technical solutions and an ATS.

Entoro and DigiMax are currently co-advising on behalf of a North American issuer of a digital security.

Entoro and DigiMax have agreed to collaborate with each other to leverage off of the USA strength of Entoro and the global strength of DigiMax. In addition to working on joint business, there are also numerous referral opportunities between the two companies that can be managed for the benefit of each other’s clients.

“We are excited to be partnering with Entoro to assist one another in advising and funding our collective issuer clients,” said DigiMax CEO, Chris Carl. “We believe that Entoro is the definitive leader in providing proper advisory services for issuers of digital securities in the United States and this is the kind of highly diligent and compliance-oriented company that DigiMax seeks to partner with. We believe there are many synergies to be gained for each of our companies from this formal collaboration with most of these benefits accruing to our clients.”

“We view DigiMax as a global leader in bringing awareness of the importance of regulatory compliance to every step in the process of companies issuing digital securities and we are impressed with the global brand that DigiMax has built. We see a great deal of opportunity for both of our companies to accelerate as a result of this collaboration agreement. We have a high appreciation of the professional level of conduct by DigiMax from our observations working with them on our first client together,” said James C. Row, Managing Partner of Entoro Capital.

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