Entoro Capital & FON Financial Announce Equity Participation and Strategic Partnership

Press Release
October 3, 2019

FON Financial has acquired an equity stake in Entoro Capital, which allows the company to offer a range of placement and capital raising solutions to Issuers interested in reaching family offices for funding. Entoro's broker-dealer services, combined with FON’s strong distribution, will provide Issuers and family offices access to seamless transaction execution. The partnership leverages the capabilities of both Entoro and FON to provide quality investment offerings for family offices in the alternatives space in new and emerging industries.

The relationships and reach that FON delivers, combined with the capabilities of an established investment bank and broker-dealer, will deliver enhanced productivity and efficiency to Entoro’s offerings. As a regulated broker-dealer, Entoro will advise and assist with structuring and FON will assist in marketing offerings to the members of the organization. FON’s member base spans 11 countries in 35 cities, over 15,000 family offices, and a total of 200,000 members.

With roots that stem from the hedge fund space, FON is keenly focused on helping family offices operate more efficiently, pursue meaningful philanthropic missions, and helps raise awareness of investments that are worth considering. FON and Entoro are excited to work together to build a higher quality experience for family offices that are seeking to preserve wealth, create social impact, and seize opportunities to help emerging ecosystems flourish.

Entoro's Managing Partner James C. Row, CFA said, "Entoro is proud to work with FON to provide comprehensive solutions in alternative investments. This is an opportunity for our companies to work with our clients in realizing significant value creation through an integrated and collaborative team effort. This new partnership is the start of another chapter, where we continue to grow in order to meet and exceed the needs of our clients and the demands of the market."

Andrew Schneider, CEO of Family Office Networks, added, "We are excited to partner with Entoro on this journey together. We look forward to combining our expert teams to make investing and social impact more accessible."

About Family Office Networks

Family Office Networks is the premier global community for families to share information and intelligence. The team works with a select group of top tier investment managers and sponsors who offer substantial families to access to stellar investment opportunities in areas such as real estate, venture capital, private equity, and hedge funds. In addition, Family Office Networks shares timely thought leadership on topics related to portfolio management, philanthropy, multi-generational wealth management, compliance and regulation, risk management, insurance, training and education. The website www.familyofficenetworks.com is the hub of Family Office Networks with 150,000 users, including 10,000 family offices, and is a go-to resource for news related to family offices.

About Entoro Capital

Entoro Capital provides advice and services to a wide range of established and growth oriented businesses around the world. As a member of FINRA, Entoro is an investment bank that can steer placement offerings toward success in a timely manner. Entoro will help with regulatory compliance and ensure you provide your investors with the due diligence they expect so you find and attract both US and non-US investors under a compliant offering.

With experienced people and reliable technology, Entoro assists clients throughout the investment process to achieve optimal results providing a broad range of services including: Structuring, Credibility, Distribution, Compliance, Global Access, Regulatory Services, KYC/AML and Accredited Investor Checks.

To learn more about Family Office Networks, visit www.familyofficenetworks.com or email Andrew@FamilyOfficeNetworks.com.