Entoro Capital, Vertalo partner to improve digital asset management capability

February 6, 2019

Vertalo, a digital asset cap table and investor registration platform for regulated digital assets and private equity, is partnering with Entoro Capital, a technology-enabled investment bank and broker-dealer. The partnership will integrate Vertalo’s investor onboarding, cap table and compliance platform with Entoro’s market-leading OfferBoard and Clear Rating services.

Entoro is a licensed broker-dealer and has participated in many of the largest digital asset offerings performed-to-date and will bring Vertalo’s blockchain-enabled cap table and compliance technology to its growing issuer and investor community.

Dave Hendricks, CEO and co-founder of Vertalo, is excited to partner with Entoro managing partner James C. Row and his team.

“Vertalo has been working behind the scenes with Entoro for the last year and has benefited greatly from Entoro’s deep understanding of both traditional and crypto capital formation technologies. The partnership between Vertalo and Entoro will provide all of Entoro’s clients with Vertalo’s crypto cap table and compliance technology, whether they are issuing a security token or a standard Regulation D, S or A+ offering.”

Vertalo will work with Entoro’s vision for capital markets and compliance. This partnership will lead the charge to bring lower cost and lower complexity solutions to the digital asset market, the partners stated.

“Entoro is excited to add Vertalo’s technology to our offerings,” Mr. Row said. “Over the next year it will be important to provide value added services to the digital securities ecosystem to give issuers and investors trust and comfort. Entoro is on board with Vertalo’s vision for reducing cost and complexity while enabling secondary liquidity for digital assets”.

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