Entoro is honored to partner with DBL Digital

June 8, 2020

Entoro is honored to partner with DBL Digital – a National Futures Association (NFA) registered commodity pool – offering investment products unique to the cryptocurrency space.

The groundswell in digital assets, coupled with increasing levels of market volatility, has created an exciting opportunity to generate yield on your crypto holdings that are held in cold storage by a qualified custodian.  

DBL Digital Crypto Fund Investment Opportunity is an overlay program that deploys options strategies around your digital asset holdings which are designed to generate enriched returns.

What does that mean?  

Rather than have your digital asset sit idly for extended periods of time, DBL will create a structured product that produces earned interest on the notional value of your asset. Akin to a money market fund, the structured product is short term in nature, 1 - 6 months, and offers a choice of return flows. The Aggressive Yield bucket is 20% or greater, Balanced Yield bucket is 12 - 19.99% and the Conservative Yield bucket is from 4 - 11.99%. Tenor and option structure vary depending on what choice of investment is authorized.

Do you have idle cryptocurrency? Let DBL Digital help you generate yield. DBL Digital works with you personally to decide what trading strategy, tenor length and yield range is best for you.

DBL Digital is listed on OfferBoard under Funds 

Highlights of DBL Digital’s Fund:

DBL Digital Smart Beta Series Fund

●      Continued Crypto exposure

●     Income for your idle cryptocurrency

●      High-yield, balanced-yield or conservative-yield options

●      1-6 month tenor

●      Two different trading strategy options

  • Collar: A strategy which includes downside protection through buying put options that establishes a price floor combined with the sale of call options at a ceiling price.
  • Call Overwrite Only: A call overwriting strategy against a long crypto position that produces a higher yield as no protection is purchased.

●     Cryptocurrency never leaves regulated custodian cold storage

Learn more about DBL Digital – Crypto Fund Investment Opportunity

Review our Disclosures at: https://dbl.digital/disclosures/

Contact Chris George at cgeorge@entoro.com for more information.