Entoro Reg A+ Monthly Newsletter February 07

February 7, 2024


Avvenire Electric Vehicles Corp. is on a mission to become a global leader in the Electric Vehicle (EV) market by developing the next generation of cutting-edge, cost-effective and environmentally-sustainable lineup of holistic transportation solutions for everyday use.

Key Highlights:

  • Current pre-order book exceeds USD $1.1 Billion for Avvenire products
  • Established dealer network with over 200 dealers ready to take new Avvenire Products and over 300 new dealer requests, for a total of over 500 potential dealers
  • Management team includes pioneers in the LEV industry in Canada leaning on decades of experience
  • Strong advisory board to achieve the hypergrowth expected
  • Manufacturing plans to add 270,000 square-foot plant in place to add to production and distribution from present 75,000 square-foot location

Avvenire is raising $75 million through Regulation A+, for more information view the offering view the offering circular here.

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Houston, Texas, Jan. 29, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Entoro, a leading boutique finance and investment banking group, and the Palm Beach Hedge Fund Association (PBHFA), the premier South Florida trade organization for investors and financial professionals, are pleased to announce a strategic partnership aimed at enhancing deal distribution for hedge funds.

PBHFA, with its mission to unite the diverse hedge fund, financial, and investor community of Palm Beach County and South Florida, has established itself as the go-to forum for idea sharing, deal-making, and information exchange in the region. Its members include active hedge fund managers/professionals, ultra-high net-worth investors, family offices, financial traders, investment bankers, academics, financial institutions, and top service providers.

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Alternative Financing Strategies for Startups: Beyond Venture Capital

In the dynamic world of startups, securing the necessary funding is often critical to success. Venture capital has traditionally been a popular choice for startups seeking investment, but the landscape is evolving. Today, alternative financing strategies are gaining traction as companies explore diverse options. These alternatives provide access to capital and bring unique advantages and considerations. They cater to different stages of a startup’s lifecycle, offering flexibility and diverse opportunities that align with various business models and growth strategies.

This diversification in funding sources is reshaping a startup’s development trajectory, challenging traditional models, and introducing new possibilities for innovation and growth.

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Can I use Reg A+ if my company is not in the US?

Yes. If you set up a company in the USA or Canada, then you are allowed to use Reg A+ using that entity.

Most companies that take this route set up a "C" Corporation in Delaware, but you can also set up an LLC or a Limited Partnership.

The company must have US-based executives and Board members (not 100% but primarily US-Based). It can operate outside of the USA, and it must have a legitimate business role and rights to satisfy the SEC and to attract investors in the Reg A+ marketing.

Confusing aspects of Regulation A+

"I have to use a Tier 1 offering if I am raising less than $20 mill." Not true. Tier 2 Regulation A+ offerings start at zero, not at $20 million. Tier 1 offerings start at zero too, and they cap out at $20 mill. But Tier 2 offerings start at zero and extend up to $75 mill* per company per year.

Many people think that Tier 1 is easier - this is not usually the case. Some states are taking a long time to conduct the interactive Blue Sky filings that are required for every state that your offering accepts an investor from. The cost of a legal service provider and the time that it takes can easily get out of hand. Few Tier 1 filings are being funded for this reason.

"I need a two-year audit for the SEC but my company is only a year old - what shall I do?" The SEC requires an audit for Tier 2 offerings that extend back two years or as long as your company has existed. So if your company is one year old, you will need a one-year audit.

"Can I set a zero minimum for my Regulation A+ offering?" Yes, the SEC allows offerings that have no minimum goal where the intent is to grow the company and doing so makes sense even with a small capital raise. If you are raising capital to buy an asset - like buying a building or a company, then you will need a minimum to break escrow.

"The share price of a qualified Regulation A+ offering cannot be changed." Not true, you are allowed to change the share price of a qualified offering. You have to file a Form 253G2, which is an Offering Circular Supplement and after the SEC has qualified the new share price, you can switch to the new price.

"Am I required to have a Broker-Dealer on my Reg A+ offering?" No, you are not required to have a broker-dealer. There are advantages and costs associated with having a broker. You can add a broker-dealer to your Reg A+ after it has been Qualified by the SEC. When involving a broker, FINRA will review and accept or not accept the terms with the broker - the broker can only be involved when and if FINRA accepts the terms. In a Reg A+ that includes a broker initially, the SEC will wait to Qualify the offering until FINRA has accepted the broker-dealer and terms. There is less schedule uncertainty when a broker arrangement is added post-SEC Qualification.


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