Entoro Reg A+ Monthly Newsletter July 05

July 5, 2023


Regulation A+ platforms are important because they provide a way for startups and small businesses like you to raise capital from a wider pool of investors. This can increase access to funding, which is often a major barrier to growth for these types of companies. Additionally, Regulation A+ requires companies to provide more transparency and disclosure to investors, which can help protect investors from fraud and ensure that they are making informed investment decisions. We believe issuers and investors deserve transparency that surpasses their expectation. Are you happy with your current Reg A+ platform?

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REG A+ Featured Offering


Invest in the growing demand for smart home and community
security systems.

The growth in the home security systems market is creating demand for more sophisticated security solutions. RADAR's collaborative security solution empowers communities with AI-powered digital surveillance connecting police, private security and neighbors to be proactive, not reactive, in responding to threats. This enables a truly community-based networked approach to security.

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Entoro utilizes its proprietary online private securities syndication platform OfferBoard® to connect Issuers (companies or funds) in need of financing with qualified Investors looking for vetted and direct investment opportunities. OfferBoard provides transparency, flexibility, convenience, and security while increasing engagement and streamlining the capital raise process. Investment opportunities go through a rigorous due diligence process involving industry experts before they are placed on OfferBoard. This process allows Investors with an easy-to-use online experience for accessing and viewing multiple projects and investment criteria with confidence. For Issuers, the platform brings efficiency for investment compliance and management.

OfferBoard Benefits:
■ Frictionless — Minimum IT support needed
■ Global Investor Pool — Tap into our global network to reach thousands of new and traditional investors
■ Advertising — Immediate exposure of a transaction world-wide
■ Deal Management — Real-time, centralized deal tracking/ management, data analytics, and compliance
■ Capital Raise Flexibility — Processes for Reg. D, Reg. A+, and Reg. CF offerings
■ Experience — OfferBoard’s experienced team can assist Issuers throughout the capital raise process
■ Global Distribution — Network of vetted partners (tax, marketing, legal, technical, etc.) to assist if needed. Global partnerships with Broker-Dealers to reach foreign markets and other Investors

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Advise me how to make my Reg A+ offering succeed?

There is more and more evidence that at this early stage in the Reg A+ funding market, companies must resonate strongly with consumer investors to succeed. That appeal, plus first-rate marketing with front-loaded impact and budget, is required to bring in consumer investors and to prove traction early. Even in offerings that are attractive to broker-dealer syndicates, in most cases, brokers will not act to promote an offering to their clients until early success is apparent from consumer investors.

Companies should set a low funding minimum unless they are buying a fixed price asset. This makes it easier to make the offering go live and conduct the first closing and to pay for subsequent marketing from capital raised.

Confusing aspects of Regulation A+

"I have to use a Tier 1 offering if I am raising less than $20 mill." Not true. Tier 2 Regulation A+ offerings start at zero, not at $20 million. Tier 1 offerings start at zero too, and they cap out at $20 mill. But Tier 2 offerings start at zero and extend up to $75 mill* per company per year.

Many people think that Tier 1 is easier - this is not usually the case. Some states are taking a long time to conduct the interactive Blue Sky filings that are required for every state that your offering accepts an investor from. The cost of a legal service provider and the time that it takes can easily get out of hand. Few Tier 1 filings are being funded for this reason.

See why so many Issuers trust us to facilitate a successful offering.

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Entoro Capital is a FINRA-registered Broker-Dealer in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, and the District of Columbia. The top choice for a Reg A+ broker-dealer and will answer all your questions.  We support Issuers through the entire Reg A+ process from pre-filing preparation, to SEC review, marketing selection, and completion of the offering. Call Entoro today and let our team show you how to Reg A+ the right way.


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