Message from Entoro Managing Partner, James C. Row, CFA

November 26, 2020

Entoro Year-End 2020 Update

Just a quick update about Entoro-wide activities in 2020 and our focus for 2021.  We have made great strides in expanding distribution, technology, and valuation service activities.

Distribution – Our signature distribution effort was forming a strategic relationship with FLX Distribution (

Technology – Through OfferBoard® (our proprietary technology platform), we have:

  • Created new features and functions to correspond to the upcoming regulatory changes for Reg A+ and CF exemptions
  • Increased our white label platform efforts in our OfferBoard Pro product
  • Embedded new distribution technologies, and
  • Enabled greater collaboration tools in our CRM to increase deal collaboration

Valuation – Clear Rating (, is our valuation and rating service used to supplement the offerings provided by Entoro’s investment banking services:

  • Clear Rating offers custom reports with three (3) different products at unique price points
  • Clear Rating expects to be a leading global private securities valuation and rating service for corporations, projects, ESG activities and digital securities, and
  • Given soaring demand for Clear Rating, reports have propelled tremendous growth, which is highlighted by a capital raise for Clear Rating and will begin the first week of December

Strategic Alliances – Through various Entoro entities:

  • During 2020, Entoro entered into over 10 new global relationships
  • Our goal in 2021 is to build on this success, and
  • Expand our service offerings through collaboration and joint ventures

Registered Investment Advisor (RIA)Entoro Wealth (  

  • Registered Interval Fund (Entoro Gray Swan Fund) pending SEC approval
  • Expanded our Wealth Management team with new groups and team members, and
  • Increased product offerings befitting Entoro Wealth as the “First Digital RIA”

Media – Y’all Street Report – Y’all Street is a medium for millennials, athletes, family offices and individual investors to achieve financial literacy. Its main objectives will be to educate, inform and demystify finance and securities. Y’all Street Media will create and source reports, record podcasts, and film videos to be released on many forms of media including our website ( Content can currently be seen online at our partner, Digital Wealth News’ Website.

Philanthropic – Unite for Impact – On February 17th, 2021, Entoro is hosting the 2nd Annual Family Offices and Professional Athletes Unite for Impact Event. This live and virtual event will gather family offices, impact investors, and philanthropic and financial professionals with professional athletes to foster discussion and accelerate empowerment opportunities in our communities. Entoro has secured the services of a platform designed by professional athletes and former Microsoft developers which will allow each foundation to offer and track donation opportunities in real-time throughout the event.

Growth – Launch efforts for Year-End 2020/Q1 2021:

  • Europe – Entoro will launch Entoro Europe in the first quarter with a strong set of partners and team members
  • Bryce Catalyst – Entoro is a principal and infrastructure partner in a new venture capital fund (
  • Entoro Mortgage – partnered with a FinTech mortgage company to offer jumbo mortgages
  • Entoro Insurance – partnered with a leading insurance company to offer cyber insurance along with the brokering of other corporate insurance products (E&O, D&O, R&W), and
  • GreenMine ( – a merchant banking effort to be the leading renewable energy power company and low-cost crypto mining and data center operation in North America.  Expecting to launch a green bond in Q1 2021

For those of you in the US, Happy Thanksgiving and to all, Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year.


James C. Row, CFA
Managing Partner