FON Marketplace Launches Investment Platform

Press Release
December 10, 2020

Palm Beach, FL – (December 3, 2020) – Family Office Networks Marketplace announced today a strategic partnership with Entoro’s OfferBoard® to provide an online platform for family office and high net worth private investors to execute private placements in alternative investments, including private equity, hedge funds, real estate, PIPEs, venture capital and direct deals.

“FON Marketplace OfferBoard is ideal for issuers working with wealthy families and private investors. For smaller issuers that seek to raise $1 million, for example, it’s possible to list on the site and work directly with investors. For larger deals, our team will conduct due diligence prior to listing on OfferBoard and we will also work with outside broker-dealers to white label our services,” said Andrew Schneider, Founder and CEO of Family Office Networks. “As the number of family offices has tripled in the last five years, our expansive investor distribution platform is a significant advantage that no other platform can match.”

On FON Marketplace, registered issuers are able to filter FON’s investor base by key parameters such as liquid net worth, annual income, gender/age, location, and areas of interest. FON Marketplace is open to 15,000+ single and multi-family offices with $50-500M net worth, plus 60,000+ high net worth private investors. This differentiates FON Marketplace from other online platforms and is the result of the founder’s many years of working closely with the world’s wealthiest families.

“Approximately $64.6 billion was raised in 1,084 transactions throughout the third quarter of 2020 and deal volume increased 46 percent, according to PlacementTracker, and due to the health pandemic a great many of these deals have closed via online platforms such as ours. As evidenced by the online shopping frenzy on Black Friday, the trend of relying on virtual methods of doing business is clearly on the upswing,” Schneider said.

“My family office has invested via FON Marketplace and currently is looking at several additional direct deals on the platform. It has been an efficient way for us to access specific investment opportunities and co-invest alongside other families. We also continue to rely on FON Marketplace whenever we’re seeking to make major purchases related to art, jet travel, boating and other luxury purchases since luxury is also included on FON Marketplace,” said Mike DeLuca of MD Family Office.

If you are an issuer seeking access to family offices and high net worth, please visit and contact Andrew Schneider at If you are a family office seeking to access quality deal flow, FON can also provide recommendations tailored to your needs and desires.

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