Hart Energy Taps Clear Rating as Analytics and Technology Provider for its ESG Awards

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September 10, 2021

HOUSTON, Sept. 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Hart Energy has selected Clear Rating, LLC (Clear Rating) a valuation, ESG and digital securities rating advisory and analytics firm, as the official ESG analytics and technology provider for the 2021 Hart Energy ESG Awards. Clear Rating specializes in private securities and portfolio valuation, ESG financial and assessment reviews, and digital securities ratings.

Clear Rating will provide assessments on ESG award nominees using its proprietary ranking and rating framework which incorporates industry benchmarks and subsector specifics. Final assessments will be used by Hart Energy's expert panel to determine recipients of Hart Energy ESG Awards. Honorees will be recognized at Hart Energy's first in-person Energy ESG Conference November 29, 2021, in Houston.

"Energy companies are instituting best practices to ensure production is more environmentally benign -- and they are becoming better corporate citizens along the way. They don't often get credit for their work in these areas," said Len Vermillion, Hart Energy's editorial director. "We created the Energy ESG Awards to give their progress much deserved recognition.  Measuring ESG progress is a complex endeavor, so we are thrilled to partner with Clear Rating, whose expertise will help ensure high standards for the awards."

Clear Rating's energy experience combined with its unique aptitude for ESG risk assessment provides a solid foundation for analyzing energy issues, understanding the criteria, and proving energy sector methodologies. Clear Rating Founder James C. Row witnessed the effects of poor corporate governance and ill-advised regulatory/governmental policies firsthand at the World Bank and as a senior executive at several oil & gas and power companies.

"In my experience the long-term effects of corporate governance, good or bad, always make their way to the surface.  That makes it imperative to align incentives, goals, and strategy in a way that creates positive sustainable environmental and social governance practices," Row said. "Energy companies face difficult financial decisions, intense scrutiny from stakeholders, and at times nonsensical regulatory or legislative policies. Any of these can create unintended consequences for positive ESG efforts."

About Clear Rating
Clear Rating, established in 2013, is a global valuation advisory, ESG analytics, and digital security rating firm. Clear Rating provides bespoke valuation reports primarily for private issuers raising capital to clearly communicate value to investors. Additionally, Clear Rating's ESG ratings and analytics provide companies and projects with measurements and performance criteria to both communicate and improve upon the ESG impact of their organizations. All these tools, in addition to Clear Rating's digital security ratings, provide issuers, managers and investors with the perspectives needed to clearly understand and communicate their values, impacts, and risks. Clear Rating is a subsidiary of Entoro, LLC, www.entoro.com. Learn more about Clear Rating, visit www.clearrating.com.

About Hart Energy
For more than 40 years, Hart Energy editors and experts have delivered market-leading insights to investors and the financial community, upstream producers and midstream operators, service companies allied to the industry and other energy professionals. The Houston-based company produces the award-winning magazine Oil and Gas Investor; online news and data services; in-depth industry conferences (like the DUG™ series); GIS data sets; mapping solutions; and a range of data intelligence services.  For more information, visit hartenergy.com.

For more on Clear Rating and Hart Energy's ESG Awards visit hartenergy.com/energy-esg-awards.

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Hart Energy – Greg Salerno
Clear Rating -- Stephen Spencer

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