Professional Athletes and Family Offices Unite for Impact

Press Release
February 3, 2020

Houston, TX – February 3, 2020 – Entoro Capital, LLC (Entoro), the Houston Chapter of Family Office Network (FON), announces the Professional Athlete and Family Office Impact Investing Panel Discussion and Networking Event. This event will bring together Professional Athletes, Alternative and Family Office Investors to educate, inspire, and engage the community. Professional Athletes will share their wisdom about how to collaborate and leverage their untapped brand and “influence capital” to support new business ventures, impact initiatives, and philanthropic endeavors.

This event takes place on February 13, 2020, in Houston, TX, and brings together an impressive range of Athletes, Impact Investors, and Family Offices who will explore innovative business ventures as well as address systemic challenges and opportunities that are solvable through collective action. They will discuss opportunities for growth, share, and collaborate on different social and environmental initiatives and discuss how working together allows all parties to focus their efforts and produce both financial and social returns.

Attendance and participants include 20+ Professional Athletes and 100 - 150 Texas-based Family Offices. We are excited to announce Spencer Tillman, former running back at Oklahoma and in the NFL with the Houston Oilers and San Francisco 49ers, as the Master of Ceremonies. Danny Hughes, co-founder and creator of the Athletes Influence community and partner of LOHAS Advisors, a firm dedicated to helping social impact innovators in health, wellness, education, women empowerment, and affordable housing, will be the keynote and moderator.

Entoro’s Managing Partner, James C. Row, said, “Entoro seeks to lead positive, measurable changes to help increase the awareness to Family Offices on the initiatives of Professional Athletes. By working together, we will get to the next level faster and bring value to all stakeholders involved.”

The event will demonstrate to the Family Office, Private Wealth, Foundations, and Endowment investment communities, active in impact and alternative investing, that Professional Athletes have projects that are making a difference, leaving a legacy, and generating positive investor returns. This event will provide attendees an opportunity to gain insights from industry leaders, as well as exchange knowledge with peers and have access to both Athletes and Family Offices to discuss challenges and opportunities that affect change today.

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