The 4 Blockchain Revolutions Which Brought Us To Security Tokens


The 4 Blockchain Revolutions Which Brought Us To Security Tokens

What are STOs all about?

Published by New Alchemy on Medium (7/19/2018)

Photo by Freddie Collins on Unsplash
STOs — If you haven’t heard that acronym yet, get ready. You’re going to be hearing it. A lot.

STO stands for Security Token Offering; an elegant, complex, and infinitely promising new instrument for raising capital and distributing wealth. It’s piqued the interest of Wall Street players and is becoming particularly popular amongst more traditional issuers and investors, leading speculators to already proclaim 2018 as the “year of Security Tokens.”

Breathless fawning about the next new ‘blockchain’ phenomenon aside, STOs really are the biggest innovation in the world of securities, since securities were the biggest innovation in finance (credit the 13th century Venetians!). The potential scale is immense, with an estimated trillion-dollar securities tokenization market. Some evangelists even claim these securities could prove to be so efficient and popular that OTC markets and traditional stock exchanges might cease to exist as we know them, over the next decade.

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