Top Financiers Building Bridge Between Wall Street, Crypto

May 21, 2021

Crypto Investor exclusive: Houston-based 1transfer to commence operations in June

Michael Bodley

May 20, 2021

A longtime commodities trader and early entrant to crypto markets is heading up a new operation that is designed to serve as a bridge between digital assets and Wall Street, Crypto Investor has learned. 

Houston-based James Row is serving as interim CEO of 1transfer, with other day-one founding partners including top executives from crypto and Wall Street firms Polymath Capital, Oasis Pro Markets, Cold Spring Ventures, otc.Digital, MERJ Exchange Limited, Digtl Ltd and Sharenett. 

1transfer seeks to provide "a low-cost, superior blockchain technology solution for transfer service operations."

"Combining the interdisciplinary experience and knowledge of the founders, 1transfer will transform the traditional transfer agency world as we know it," Row said. "This will be a service for members, issuers and new technology providers to utilize and experience the digitalization through implementation, firsthand."

Row currently leads Houston-based firm, Entoro Capital, which he formed in 2017.

Entoro is a boutique investment bank that specializes in raising capital for blockchain technologies, including private placement opportunities. The idea with 1transfer: to leverage Entoro's network and deal-making capability with a series of crypto partners. 

1transfer is registered as a transfer agent with the SEC. The designation means the firm can act as a record-keeper for private blockchain companies, facilitating liquidity on the marketplace for secondary transactions.

Cliff Friedman, who joins 1transfer from Sharenett, said the new venture seeks to be a top service provider that helps enable mainstream adoption of blockchain technology.

"As private markets develop and mimic the public markets regulatory framework," he said, "a multi-tenet infrastructure offered by 1transfer that supports those workflows in a cost-effective manner, will be critical for successful adoption."


Michael Bodley

Reference: The Street Article