Margot DeFrance

Managing Director

Margot DeFrance leads investment marketing, relationship management, strategy & business development, and investor relations. Prior to transitioning to the financial industry, Margot was a fortune 500 pharmaceutical executive and a director for a non-profit where she managed products related to diagnostics and blood banking and negotiated licensing deals.

Ms. DeFrance has managed equity research, strategy and investment marketing at Smith Barney and Citi Capital Markets. In addition to these pursuits, she also authored “Endangered Species” (highlighting the impact of generic erosion on pharma valuations), and “Dancing on a Fault Line” (suggesting more diversified healthcare investing strategy due to pricing pressures, pipeline deficiencies, and politics).

Margot provides strategic advice, technology search, and investor messaging / capital introductions for innovative startups and mid-market companies through her consulting practice, Inflection Point Advisors.