Margot DeFrance

Managing Director

Investment marketing, relationship management, strategy & business development, investor relations

Margot combines equity capital market and healthcare operational experience, intersecting products and services, payments, and innovation funding.  She identifies and cultivates new business; and connects investors and large established firms with innovative companies, and innovative companies with partners and financing sources.  She is an expert translator of technical information and investor positioning having coached numerous executive teams for deal and non-deal road show meetings.

Prior to transitioning to the financial industry, Margot was a fortune 500 pharmaceutical executive, managing products related to diagnostics, and blood banking.  She supervised a 100-member team for global product launches and launched over 50 products. She was also formerly a Director of a Non-Profit organization where she successfully negotiated licensing deals and was part of a now public stem cell processing startup.

She was recruited to Smith Barney by the #1 Institutional Investor ranked biotech analyst to synthesize and interpret equity research for private clients and to provide specialized equity commentary. She authored “Endangered Species” (highlighting the impact of generic erosion on pharma valuations), and “Dancing on a Fault Line” (suggesting more diversified healthcare investing strategy due to pricing pressures, pipeline deficiencies, and politics).  Margot was responsible for healthcare asset allocation and originating healthcare unit trust fund products for private clients. She was a national public speaker for Smith Barney co-sponsored events such as the Susan B. Komen Foundation, American Heart Association, and other public investment forums.  

She was recruited by Citi Capital Markets to manage a global healthcare equity strategy team and to help create an integrated vs siloed approach to healthcare equity research commentary and investment marketing.  She managed the healthcare portion of the morning trading call and published The Daily Dose, an institutional healthcare equity trading brief. She sponsored and helped shape institutional investor events like the “Clinic at the (Cleveland) Clinic”, broadening its research scope to encompass a 360-degree healthcare view for portfolio managers.

Now, Margot provides strategic advice, technology search, and investor messaging / capital introductions for innovative startups and mid-market companies through her consulting practice, Inflection Point Advisors. Clients include:  innovative medical device/biopharma companies, fintech startups, alternative energy, hedge funds. Most recently, Margot developed a health insurance product strategy for a leading blockchain/distributed ledger startup and also served as the lead relationship manager for that firm’s key financial services investor.

Margot is a strong relationship builder, and enjoys meeting and connecting people, both in business and socially. In her spare time, she sails competitively and mentors entrepreneurs. She lives in NYC and Delaware.