2nd Annual Family Offices and Professional Athletes Unite for Impact

February 17, 2021

Own Your Impact!

Entoro Capital, the Houston Chapter of Family Office Network (FON), is hosting the 2nd Annual Family Offices and Professional Athletes Unite for Impact Event. Building off last year's successful event, Entoro brings together Professional Athletes, family offices, impact drivers, and financial professionals to foster discussion and accelerate empowerment and co-investment opportunities. Spencer Tillman returns as Master of Ceremonies and will lead panel discussions with purpose-driven athletes and impact professionals.

Prominent sports and impact leaders will discuss how Professional Athletes can expand their talents into business ventures, not-for-profit, and philanthropy to make a difference, expand wealth and leave a legacy. The event will conclude with an opportunity for investors and Professional Athletes to join virtual breakrooms for substantive networking and impact-driven dialogue. Entoro has secured the services of a platform designed by Professional Athletes and Microsoft developers, which will allow each foundation to offer and track donation opportunities in real-time throughout the event.

Attendees will gain insight from industry leaders and exchange knowledge with peers and access both athletes and Family Offices to discuss challenges and opportunities that affect change today.

Special Guest Ronnie Lott - Pro Football Hall of Famer and Off the Field Champion!

Panel Topics:

  • Learn how Professional Athletes expand their talents into not-for-profit and philanthropy
  • Hear how Professional Athletes and family offices can foster impact-driven co-investment opportunities
  • Learn how athletes and venture communities can coexist for community benefit

Panel 1 - Venture Capital Discussion
Derek Anderson - Former NBA Champion with the Miami Heat
Joe Milam - CEO and Founder at AngleSpan
Hunter Hillenmeyer - Partner at Next Play Capital
Lenny Saizan - Co-founder and Managing Director at Urban Capital Network (UCN)

Panel 2 - Professional Athletes and Philanthropy Discussion
Antoine Bethea - 3x Pro-Bowler and Super Bowl Champion
Garrick Jones - Former 8-year NFL Player and Canadian League Offensive Tackle
Alycia Powell - Co-founder at Champions for Philanthropy, Inc. (CFP)

The Lombardi is the most significant award in college football

Houston – Lombardi Honors is proud to announce the Finalist List for the 2020-2021 Lombardi, presented to an NCAA Division 1 football player, regardless of position, based on Performance and Leadership honed by Character and Resiliency. The Award will be announced on February 17th during the annual Unite For Impact - Family Offices and Professional Athletes, a globally streamed, media event.

Lombardi Honors Leadership...Leadership is influence, defined by the following 7 traits: 1-Awareness 2-Decisiveness 3-Focus 4-Leveraging Team Strengths 5-Inspiration 6-Performance and 7-Accountability

Triggered by three components:

1 – Skill: The ability to achieve
2 – Knowledge: The understanding to achieve
3 – Disposition: Harnessing one's “Will”: The capacity to convert skill and knowledge into achievement.

The Lombardi Finalist List includes one wide receiver, one defensive lineman, one quarterback and one linebacker. For the first time ever, two players from conferences outside of the power five conference structure were selected by the award, voters and a proprietary algorithm.

2020 - 2021 Lombardi Semi-Finalists
Trevor Lawrence – Quarterback –  Clemson
DeVonta Smith – Wide Receiver – Alabama
Tarron Jackson – Defensive End – Coastal Carolina
Zaven Collins – Linebacker – Tulsa

Along with the 2020-2021 Lombardi winner, Lombardi Honors will also announce The 2020-2021 Lombardi Legendary Coach and Broadcaster, and the 2020 Coach of the Year.

Coach of the Year Finalist
Tom Allen – Indiana
Brent Brennan – San Jose State,
Matt Campbell – Iowa State  
Jamey Chadwell – Coastal Carolina

Under the direction of the Lombardi Foundation and the Lombardi Family, Lombardi Honors is the most significant tribute in college football.

“It is my great honor to serve the Lombardi family and the college football community while honoring the next generation of American leaders,” said Rick Slemaker, the chairman of the Lombardi Foundation. “Leadership is what we now honor with the award named after one of America’s most acclaimed leaders, Vince Lombardi. Today, leadership is the attribute in greatest demand, yet shortest supply and the foundation looks forward to honoring a deserving player at the Lombardi Honors” on February, 17th before a global, online audience.

For more information about Lombardi Honors: contact Lombardi Board member, Spencer Tillman at 281-682-5076 or via email at satillman@lombardihonors.com.

Participating Foundations:

Bethea Family Foundation
The Hunter Greene ’17 Scholarship Fund
Lost Boyz Inc.
OK U GO Foundation
Steve Nash Foundation
Stamina Foundation
The Huddle Up Foundation of Houston